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Balloon Sinuplasty™

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that opens sinus passages. It relieves the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis occurs when the linings of your nose, sinuses and throat become inflamed, possibly from a pre-existing cold or allergies. Chronic sinusitis is when this inflammation lasts three months or more.

This proceedure is available to some patients as a procedure conducted in the office under local anesthesia.

How does it work?
In Balloon Sinuplasty, inflamed sinuses are opened in the same way that doctors open up blocked arteries during balloon angioplasty.

Step 1
A balloon catheter is inserted into the inflamed sinus.
Step 2
The balloon is inflated to expand the sinus opening.
Step 3
Fluid is sprayed into the infected sinus to flush out pus and mucus.
Step 4
The system is removed, leaving the sinuses open.

After Balloon Sinuplasty, the sinuses remain open, allowing the return of normal sinus drainage and relief of sinus pressure.

To watch a video of the proceedure click here.

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To see more detailed information about sinusitis and Balloon Sinuplasy click here to download a brochure or visit

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