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The Care and Treatment of Children

Dr. Chung-En Huang pediatric patients range from new born infants to teenagers. Children and their parents are given a compassionate and gentle approach in care and treatment. Dr. Huang’s many years of experience treating children are reflected in his approach with the youngest of his patients who are often the most fearful and reluctant. Parents are pleased with his thorough explanation and patience when examining and providing care in the office, as well as in surgery, of their children. 

Diseases of the ear, nose and throat which affect children are often first diagnosed by their Pediatrician who refer to Dr. Huang for further care and possibly for surgery. However, it is not necessary that a child have a referral by pediatrician unless their insurance coverage requires referrals. 

Regardless of your child’s ENT needs, you can rest assured that your concerns will be heard and your questions answered. Together, you and Dr. Huang will decide on the best options for the treatment of your child.