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Snoring Treament

Discovering the Symptoms
By careful examination in the office, a patient will understand the cause and options of treatment to improve or alleviate the symptoms causing a lack of restful sleep, daytime sleepiness and fatigue. All of which symptoms can aggravate other health issues and challenge the well being of anyone physically as well as mentally. Snoring not only affects the patient, but other family members as well. 

Evaluation of Symptoms and Medical History
When seeing Dr. Huang for such symptoms, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation which may include examination by a flexible scope to examine your nasal and oral airway fully. This is not painful and requires no sedation. A sleep study may be necessary as well to determine your level of obstruction and disturbances to your sleep. Review of your past medical history and your concerns and goals will all be taken into consideration by Dr. Huang.

Office Procedures
In some cases, simple procedures in the office, such as snoreplasty, can be performed. This involves an injection into the palate under local anesthetic which will shrink tissues which are blocking the airway. Such procedures are less than 30 minutes and allow you to return to work the same day if you wish. 

If a need for surgery is indicated, procedures such as a tonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, reduction of the base of the tongue, nasal septal reconstruction and/or turbinectomy may be necessary. In this case, such procedures are done as an outpatient surgery in a medical facility or hospital under general anesthesia. Then it will be necessary to allow one to two weeks for post operative recovery at home with regular post operative follow up by Dr. Huang during that time. The need and decision for surgery will be fully discussed by Dr. Huang with the patient and family. Not only will the surgery be explained, but what to expect during your recovery period and the long term results in the future. 

Not all patients require surgery. Dr. Huang will advise you if other options would better treat your situation, such as weight loss, medication, and/or the use of breathing devices during sleep such as a CPAP or BiPAP device. Everyone is unique and treatment depends on multiple factors.  Dr. Huang has many years of experience, not only as a physician, but as a Board Certified ENT Surgeon.  You can expect a compassionate response and competent evaluation of your individual needs with optimal benefit to your health.